Coming up:  June 4, National Trails Day 2005
This page was last updated on: March 1, 2005
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Disclaimer:  English not native language.  Opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the Kekekabic Trail Club.  Not affiliated with the USDA Forest Service. 

Welcome to Kelso Mountain Trail
Kelso Mountain Trail is an officially designated "Community Millennium Trail" new link
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Protecting the trails, the Boundary Waters way
Read this article about a trip to Kelso Mountain by Angela Anderson, Minnesota DNR
This page was last updated: March 1, 2005
Co-sponsoring Organizations
1.  Boundary Waters Advisory Committee
2.  American Hiking Society
3. 3M Outdoor Club
4.  University of Minnesota Center for Outdoor Adventure
5.  North Star Ski Touring Club
6.  Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness
7.  Kelso Mountain Trail Club

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Headaches with Kelso Mountain , another article.
Kelso Mountain Trail Proposal
Now with GPS Track.
Celebration of the Kelso Mountain Trail at the Sawbill Lake USDA Forest Service Campground was a success! Participants learned canoe, map, and BWCA leave no trace skills as well as the history of the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee to preserve the historic hiking trails in the BWCA.  Stay tuned for more photos and link to new BWAC website.
Canoeing on Kelso Lake. Participants did not seem to mind the rain.
Click on picture for National Trails Day photoalbum
Japanese visitor to Kelso Mountain writes compelling letter to Americans